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How Soon Will I Get My Order?

If you select SHIPPING: Once your order is processed for delivery you will receive a confirmation email with the carrier tracking number. We are based in Georgia and ship only to Georgia residents as of now. All orders are shipped Monday - Friday. If you order later in the week and there are not enough days in transit to allow the package to arrive by Saturday, your order willbe held for shipment until the following week. Each package is shipped with Priority Mail Shipping. You will receive your order in 1–3 Business Days from the order date. Your delivery day is based on where your package starts and where it is being sent. 5pm is the close of business for each business day. Orders placed after 5pm will be processed the following operation day. Monday: 12:00AM - 5PM Tuesday: 12:00AM - 5PM Wednesday: 12:00AM - 5PM Orders placed Thursday and Friday will be processed the following Monday. Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed PICKUP HOURS: Pickup orders are available for pickup 2 days from order date. Order Monday Before 5pm : Pickup Wednesday Order Tuesday Before 5pm: Pickup Thursday Order Wednesday Before 5pm: Pickup Friday Orders placed Thursday and Friday will be processed the following Monday. Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed

When Does HumbleBee Juice Cocktails Make Juice?

HumbleBee Juice-Cocktails makes all products to order on a daily basis. This ensures that the customer receives the freshest and tastiest product on the market.

What Is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization is the process of heating the juice to kill any bacteria that might be in fruits and vegtables. All HumbleBee Juice Cocktails have not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Why Aren't HumbleBee Juice Cocktails Pasteurized?

While pasteurization process removes harmful bacteria, it also damages the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in the juice. Without these vital nutrients, your juice no longer has the transforming health benefits it did prior to the heating process during pasteurization. In order to ensure you do not ingest any harmful bacteria, HumbleBee Juice Cocktails follows a strict cleaning, washing and sterilzation guide prior to juicing fruits and vegetables.

Why Are HumbleBee Juice Cocktails Different From The Juices I Buy In The Store?

Humblebee Juice Cocktails are freshly made with raw organic fruits and vegetables. Our juices have a short shelf life because they have not gone through the pasteurization process. The short shelf life can create a challenge for stores to carry raw juice, therefore HumbleBee Juice Cocktails sells all its juice directly to the consumer. Fruits and vegetables were not intended to have a long shelf life. We don't consume fruit and vegetables that are weeks and months old. We recommend buying or making your own raw juices, because you don't receive as many health benefits from store bought, pasteurized juice.

How Many Juices Should I Drink Per Day?

Listen carefully to the needs of your body. We are all different and what's good for your body may not be good for someone else. When many people first start juicing we recommend 2 or 3 juices per week. As your body transitions to become less reliant on processed foods and drinks, and more nourished you may crave 3-5 juices per week. Slowly, juice will naturally become a part of your everyday diet.

How Long Do HumbleBee Juice-Cocktails Last?

Properly stored and refrigerated at 41 or below degrees Fahrenheit, HumbleBee Juice Cocktails last 2-3 days. If kept frozen HumbleBee Juice-Cocktails can be stored up to 6 months unopened.

Why Are HumbleBee Juice Cocktails Delivered Frozen?

We freeze each bottle immediatley after preparing them and ship your order frozen to preserve them while they’re delivered straight to your door. The freezing process does not have a negative impact on the nutritional value of your juice and in fact is the best option to exchange fresh juices from us to you, it also takes away the pressure to consume your juices right away.





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